Delicious pork tenderloin, stuffed with guinea fowl, chorizo, fine beans, shallots and garlic. Wrapped in parma ham, served with pork and cider jus, garnished with crispy guinea fowl skin.

Our Signature Dish – Pork Tenderloin with Guinea Fowl – was voted into the top 3 in Hull by the judges of the Hull Daily Mail Food & Drink Awards 2019.

All the elements of this dish work so well together, giving a perfect balance. The guinea fowl stuffing with chorizo compliments the pork and gives the dish another texture as well as another taste. The Pork and cider jus brings the dish together with a sweet and delicate structure. As an extra bonus, the crispy guinea fowl skin adds an almost crisp-like texture.

Here’s the secret…

For the guinea fowl stuffing, the chorizo, shallots, fresh garlic and fine beans are slowly cooked in the oven with the guinea fowl breast on a low heat for maximum flavour.

Caramelise veg and pork loin trimmings. Cider used to deglaze the pan and give the sauce a rich body. The sauce is then cooked out and reduced down to form a silky, shiny finish.

The pork tenderloin is stuffed, wrapped in parma ham and cooked for 1.5 hours on low heat. The loin is put into a pan of clarified butter and gently showered with garlic and thyme for a further 20 mins to bring the pork to a temperature of 66 deg. The guinea fowl skin is roasted in the oven with Thyme and sea salt.